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FROM: François Mercier

Dear Friend,

This website will very likely offend teachers of old-school traditions who insist on teaching reading skills that are slow and out-of-date.

But if you are someone who wants to read with effortless speed and high comprehension, and therefore reclaim your life by spending less time reading and having more free time for yourself, family and friends, and even your favourite hobbies, or simply relaxing at the beach or enjoying a movie, then this is the most important message you read this year.

Here’s why...

Please stop and think about this for a moment – aren’t you sick of reading at slow or even ‘average’ speeds and sometimes having to re-read material that you’ve just read because you didn’t clearly understand it the first time?

Wouldn’t you rather be reading at twice or three times your current speed and with high comprehension and understanding of the material? Wouldn’t this mean that you would be reading more material in much less time, producing better work, being in time for tight deadlines, and having more time to be with family and friends, and doing the things you love?

If that’s you, then read on.

Reading by using the old-school techniques is like a slow trudge through mud, with much of what you read not being clearly understood. Know the frustration of mumbling under your breath as you read and then hearing your mumblings? Know the dreaded feeling of having to read at a moment’s notice and without having much time? Know the avoidance of reading, which further harms your reading skills?

However, whether you are a student in high school, college or university, or an employee, or a professional, or a business-owner, you know that reading cannot be completely avoided, and that even some avoidance will negatively affect your success.

So, what can you do about this?

You could resign yourself to a life-time of slow and painful reading that discourages and continues to lower your self-esteem.

Or you can learn the strategies and techniques of speed reading that will have you reading at your maximum reading potential, whilst also understanding what you read much better – and you’ve never felt so much freedom. It all depends on you and your commitment to improve yourself, to free yourself from the shackles of slow reading.

Would you like this freedom, too? To do so would require wide research into how reading speed and comprehension can be improved, which is very much a trial-and-error, hit-and-miss exercise without assurance of any results.

Here’s the good news: Over years of reading obsessively on speed reading to improve my own reading speed, I have explored and examined countless research papers, periodicals, texts and reports of the cutting-edge research. All of this has been detailed and summarised as a complete program for improving your reading speed and comprehension.


In my new book ...

Supreme Speed Reading:
The Definitive Book on Speed Reading

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My new book of over 180 pages gives you access to the information and knowledge that has been carefully compiled over years of painstaking research.

Why have I neatly detailed and summarised all of my research and knowledge into an easy-to-read book? Because many colleagues and pupils of mine wanted to know how I could read so fast, with such ease, and with high levels of comprehension. Since I can only explain and teach speed reading strategies and techniques for so many hours a day, this led me to write and publish a book about speed reading.

This is why you’re reading this webpage right now.

This easy-to-understand guide includes a summary of the most cutting-edge strategies and techniques of speed reading. I’ll show you each strategy and technique for speed reading, as well as the errors to be avoided that many readers make. With basic, intermediate and advance strategies and techniques, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to massively increase your reading speed with greater understanding of what you read. As with any self-improvement and personal development program, all that is needed from you is the commitment and discipline to follow the strategies and techniques.



Now, in case you don’t know anything about me:

  • I’m a Barrister-at-Law (a trial attorney) practising since 2002 in Personal Injury Law (Medical Negligence, Motor Accidents & Public Liability), Criminal Law (Indictable Offences & Non-Indictable Offences), Commercial Law (Common Law & Equitable Remedies) and Family Law, during which work I use speed reading strategies and techniques.
  • I’m an accredited mediator and registered family dispute resolution practitioner of the Federal Attorney-General’s Department, AU.
  • I’m the founder and director of Mercier Publications (
  • I hold a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Master of Laws (Litigation & Dispute Resolution), and Bachelor of Science (Anatomy & Neurobiology) from the University of Queensland, through all of which I used speed reading strategies and techniques to optimise my grades.


Now, I don’t mention this to impress you but to make sure that you are aware that I know what I’m talking about, and that I can help you to increase your reading speed and enhance your comprehension. It is also so that you properly value the secrets contained within the pages of my new book, which isn’t a book that you’ll read once and place on the shelf. Instead, it will serve as your handbook that you refer to again and again on your way towards a mastery of speed reading.

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So, if you’ve read this far, then...

... I have to assume you’re interested in grabbing a copy of this book. So, what are some of the reason why you will want to read my book, Supreme Speed Reading: The Definitive Book on Speed Reading?

After reading my book, you will know:

  • The 2 simple techniques that will have you reading at 750 words per minute (and they are so easy to learn and apply that it’s a crime they are not being taught in schools!) but of course this depends on your diligence in applying the techniques (Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual)
  • The 4 major mistakes that readers make that slow them down (and simply being aware of them will accelerate your reading speed!)
  • The 3 important techniques that will allow you to learn whatever you read (exams, tests, and presentations will be so much easier for you)
  • The strategy that will have you remembering almost everything that you read (you’ll be quoting financial reports, research articles, business statements, legal case reports, or whatever you need to read and know!)
  • The most important strategy to gain deep understanding and comprehension of what you read (by simply focusing on certain parts of what you read)
  • How to optimise your mind and body for supreme focus that will have you reading effortlessly (it’s so easy and practical that even children can apply it)
  • How to cover a lot of reading material in a short time (and still have a global perspective over all of it yet know the details of the important parts)
  • The technique to stop you from vocalizing or sub-vocalizing what you read (and reading with instant thoughts instead of listening to yourself read)
  • The reasons why those affected by dyslexia and auditory processing disorder find reading difficult (and how they can improve their reading skills)
  • The different methods of reading, depending on what you are reading (whether it’s stock reports, company statements, case reports, research periodicals, newspapers or novels)
  • The technique so you won’t re-read over words you’ve just read (so you understand it the first time you read – not the second time!)
  • The most important part of every paragraph you should give the most time for enhanced understanding (and this also helps you to quickly find information that is relevant to you)
  • How to use Latin and Greek word roots and prefixes to increase your reading speed (and improve your comprehension and spelling)
  • The method of optimising your reading on computer monitors and screens
  • How to use your dominant eye for more effective reading
  • The different techniques of skimming (including line-by-line skimming and zig-zag skimming)
  • How to use the hand to guide your reading and increase reading speed
  • How to use external cues for pacing your reading speed

What if I could show you a powerful, no-nonsense way of gaining more free time by reading at 750 words per minute or faster? As with anything, what you put in is what you get out, which is why results may vary from individual to individual. How to achieve reading speeds that are so fast, you can cut down the time you currently take to read a book BY HALF! Now, think about it ... wouldn't that be a real time-saver? By cutting down your reading time, you gain SO MUCH more free time. Of course, like any self-improvement or personal development program, this all depends on your desire, dedication, effort and motivation to work through the program within the book, which is why results may vary from individual to individual.

Want to improve your reading speed?
Let me show you how!

Do you want:

  • A clear, step-by-step way to learn?
  • A practical eBook that shows you strategies and techniques that you can use to rapidly boost your reading speed and comprehension?
  • Proven strategies and techniques that are not simply provided, but are explained in detail so that you clearly understand them before applying them?
  • A published book that you can instantly download as an eBook in PDF format, so you can start improving yourself immediately?

Then Supreme Speed Reading is for you!

Why you should choose Supreme Speed Reading


There are many other books, eBooks, courses, programs and software on speed reading. So, why choose Supreme Speed Reading? Because it’s the only thing you need, as:

  • It contains a neat summary of all the important speed reading strategies and techniques! (not just the basics that other books present)
  • It includes a review of the latest cutting-edge research! (not inefficient, out-of-date methods from old-school traditions)
  • It’s a published work that has already gone through all the rigours of publication. (it’s not some eBook that someone has quickly thrown together)
  • It’s ready for immediate download in digital format.

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WARNING: Boosting your reading speed has incredible advantages. By reading Supreme Speed Reading and making the commitment to learn and apply all of the strategies and techniques of speed reading, you will:

  • Improve yourself enormously (because you’re now able to read so much more, and gain so much more knowledge!)
  • Become a better conversationalist, by knowing what’s happening in the world (because you’re able to read newspapers much more quickly!)
  • Cut your study time by half (because what used to take 6 hours now only takes you 2 to 3 hours after learning these strategies and techniques!) Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual
  • Improve your work-related knowledge and performance (as you’re now reading much more widely because of your increased reading speed!)
  • Read those books you’ve always wanted to read (such as books on business and share-trading, as well as classic literature, best-selling novels, and those wonderful Deepak Chopra books for personal development!)
  • Become an expert in your field of work or in your hobbies, or make more money (all because you now read faster and with greater comprehension!)

Now, imagine being able to have all these benefits ... being filled with renewed confidence and self-esteem!

Below is a screen-shot of what you’ll be getting (in a 2-page layout):


Get rid of re-reading, pronouncing words out loud,
and other habits that slow your reading speed!


Worry no more, because I have painstakingly summarised in Supreme Speed Reading all the essential tips and tricks that you need to know in developing into the fastest reader you can be. All this depends on your commitment to learning and applying the strategies and techniques.


Buy Now


You’ll blaze through all your books simply by using
these strategies & techniques – 
Start now!

Improvement won’t take you months from now. I’m talking immediate results!

  • No more floundering (instead of others reading so much faster than you, you’ll be the first to finish with excellent comprehension!)
  • No more wasted time (instead of studying or working late while others finish much sooner, you’ll be much more efficient!)
  • No more fear of embarrassment (you’ll be proud of your speed reading and enhanced comprehension skills!)
  • No more anxiety when faced with having to read (you’ll feel confident, now that you possess all the speed reading strategies and techniques!)

Like any self-improvement or personal development course, your particular success in speed reading depends on your desire, dedication, effort and motivation to work through the program within the book. Here are a few comments and testimonials from people just like you who have read the book:

“After reading Supreme Speed Reading I can read faster, remember more and I have a better attention to detail ...
I wish I had read this book years ago!”*


"I love reading, and after reading Supreme Speed Reading I can read faster, remember more and I have a better attention to detail.

"I am now committed to developing my reading skills further, as I now have a much better awareness of the reading process. The tests throughout the book were very helpful in identifying skills and weaknesses in my reading process.

"Supreme Speed Reading is easy to read and follow, and provides hints and tools for something I  do everyday for work and pleasure - reading. I wished I had read this book years ago!"

Carole Sawyer, Mediator & Legal Practitioner,
Nudgee QLD


“Supreme Speed Reading is the definitive guide teaching you how to apply simple techniques that will have you reading
much faster than your current reading speed!”*


"As a natural health practitioner I am constantly reading the medical literature and in a short space of time I am getting through material at a much faster pace and understanding the content without having to re-read it. This is saving me time and making me more efficient in getting through my work - this is invaluable!

"I will continue to work on my techniques and refer back to this fantastic book again and again. Thank-you!

Fleur Price, Naturopath,
Parkinson QLD



“My reading has become faster because of this book. And I now actually understand and remember what I read.”*



"I am a student, so I do alot of reading. My reading has become faster because of this book.  And I now actually understand and remember what I read. It's made a huge difference to my studies.

"I've read other speed reading books, but I've learnt more from Supreme Speed Reading than from the other books put together. It's so easy to read, and the techniques are well explained. The reasoning behind the techniques has given me a better understanding of those techniques, which is why it works where the others don't. This book is amazing!"

Ming-Hsuan (Nelson) Lee, Business Student, Kuraby QLD



“This book has allowed me to increase my reading speed, also making me more interested in reading.”*

Description: Testimonial Speed Reading Book


"Supreme Speed Reading, as the ultimate speed reading tool, has allowed me to capture important details and messages when reading.
"Being a university student, reading is everyday work for me, and this book has allowed me to increase my reading speed, also making me more interested in reading. I'm now able to read more sources from shortening the time it takes to finish each book. It has helped me to achieve efficiency in reading.
"I strongly recommend people who do a lot of reading to have a read of this book, because it will definitely increase your reading speed."
Jian-Min Chen, Town Planning Student,
Mount Ommaney QLD


“After reading your book, it feels like a weight has
been lifted, and now I feel free!”*


Description: sara Testimonial Speed Reading Book


"I wanted to say thank you for this absolutely wonderful book!

"Your book is such an informative resource that I have improved my reading speed from about 200 words per minute to over 450! Truly amazing! These results mean so much to me, because I have always loved reading, but now it’s no longer a chore like it used to be!

"After reading your book, it feels like a weight has been lifted, and now I feel free! Thank you!"

Mrs M. Lind, Reading Enthusiast,
Perth WA



“This book has changed my life. I now have so much more confidence in not just reading but in myself in general.”*


Description: sara Testimonial Speed Reading Book


"Thank-you so much for writing this amazing book.

"I always wanted to be one of those people that read so easily, whether for study or pleasure. Now with my huge increase in reading speed because of this book, I feel like one of those people. It's incredible. I only wish I had found this book earlier.

"This book has changed my life. I now have so much more confidence in not just reading but in myself in general. I'm going to be reading this book again and again, it's that good. Thank-you!"

Tara, Executive Assistant,
Calamvale QLD



“Supreme Speed Reading is truly a work that I recommend to everyone who wants an edge in the business world.”*

Description: sara Testimonial Speed Reading Book

"Dear Francois,

I wish to express my gratitude to you for the information that you have imparted through ‘Supreme Speed Reading’.

"I am please to inform that, as a direct result of reading your book, I have markedly improved my reading speed, going from about 350wpm to over 750wpm. From the nature of our work, you will understand that this means a great deal in time being saved.

"I shall keep your book and use it as an invaluable reference. I am truly thankful."


Jeanette Brennan, Clinical Psychologist,
Sunnybank Hills QLD

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual.
I am so very proud of my readers' success, and it brings me so much joy to receive email such this. Again, their success in speed reading is attributable not only to the book but also to their desire, dedication, effort and motivation in working through the program within the book.

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Now, here’s more of what you’ll know after reading my book:

  • How to increase the number of words read per eye fixation
  • How to increase the speed of each eye fixation
  • The difference between speed reading and skimming
  • How to effectively use skimming to rapidly cover lots of reading
  • The SQ3R technique for enhanced comprehension, memory and study
  • The speed reading technique of Top-Tracing
  • The speed reading technique of Forward Attention
  • The study and memory technique of Graduated Interval Recall
  • The study and memory technique of Over-Learning
  • The disadvantages of ‘tip-of-the-tongue’ instances
  • The advance placement of eye fixations
  • The advance technique of Intuitive Skipping
  • The advance technique of Graduated Reading
  • The advance technique of Intuitive Reading
  • How to organise your reading material to enhance your comprehension and memory
  • The reading process and how the brain and eyes work together
  • The Pomodoro Technique and success sprints
  • The physical aspects of reading, such as lighting, seating, posture, time of day, focus and subliminal pain

This is just a brief glimpse of what I have crammed inside this book.

I’m sure you can see that the information contained within this book is incredibly valuable for anyone wanting to break free from the grind of slow reading and poor comprehension. After all, the true value of this information is what it’s worth to your career, academic studies or business.

Buy Now


Now, something you should know is that you can buy this book as a hard-cover edition from any good bookstore, and the recommended retail price is:

  • GB£64.99 (incl. VAT) in the United Kingdom
  • US$89.99 (incl. sales tax) in the United States
  • AU$99.95 (incl. GST) in Australia
  • NZ$109.95 (incl. GST) in New Zealand

Now, if you’re desperate to own it this very second, then go for it. It’s only $29.95 $6.52 as an eBook in either:

  • ePub format for iBooks on the Apple iPad, iPhone or MacBook
  • ePub format for Kobo eReaders
  • ePub format for Barnes & Noble NOOK eReaders
  • ePub format for Sony eReaders
  • Mobi format for Amazon Kindle eReaders
  • PDF format for Apple MacBooks and PCs



Ready for immediate download!


Buy Now


For a limited time, when you purchase this book,
as a ‘thank you’ bonus you’ll receive:

The Study Strategies & Techniques Guide


The Enhanced Memory Guide


Supreme Speed Reading™ Updates


That’s right. If you decide to buy directly from this website, I’m going to include 3 SUPREME BONUSES FOR FREE! You’ll receive the Study Strategies & Techniques Guide and the Enhanced Memory Guide, which will have you learning and remembering any subject in a short time. You'll also get free information updates and news in relation to Supreme Speed Reading.

Yes, you read that right – ORDER TODAY and I'll give you SUPREME BONUSES! FREE!

These are not those run-of-the-mill bonuses you can download at just any website on the Internet. On the contrary, they’re not being sold anywhere else. Why? Because I created these bonuses myself!

These Supreme Bonuses are exclusive to Supreme Speed Reading. And you can get all of them here with your order today.

Supreme Bonus #1: Study Strategies & Techniques Guide
incorporated within Supreme Speed Reading

(Valued $29)

Why are some people able to study so effectively that they know the material like the back of their hand, whereas others study hard but still only have a vague idea? Here, you are given the strategies and techniques that will have you absorbing everything that you study for your career, studies or business.


Supreme Bonus #2: Enhanced Memory Guide
incorporated within Supreme Speed Reading
(Valued $29)

Why can some people simply remember everything that they read or even see around them, while others have the “memory of a fish”? The frustration of forgetting names, places and current affairs of the world. Here, you are given the strategies and techniques that will have you remembering things that you would otherwise fail to remember. Your mind has the power – unleash it!


Supreme Bonus #3: Special Updates & News about Supreme Speed Reading™ and other publications

You’ll receive information updates and news about Supreme Speed Reading™ as well as other books before they are released to the general public, putting you at the forefront of the most cutting-edge information available.


The total value of these bonuses alone is a massive $58!

I'm not kidding when I say that I'm serious about Supreme Speed Reading. I sincerely want you to benefit from the knowledge that this book contains … so much so that I'm actually willing to give up 2 other book sections that I could have sold! Instead, I'm including them as bonuses so that you know that this is the real deal.

But I know that even that doesn't convince some people, so I'm also providing an amazing 2-week money back offer, absolutely no questions asked!

Iron-Clad Risk-Free 2-week 100% Money Back Assurance

I want you to feel absolutely certain there’s no way you can “get taken”. That’s why I’m giving you this fantastic 2-week money back offer.

After all, I’m a respected trial attorney and scholar, and I’m putting my reputation is on the line. So go ahead and order your copy of Supreme Speed Reading™ today. Read the book, learn the strategies and techniques, and start saving time today.

If you don’t like Supreme Speed Reading™ for ANY reason, you can return it for an immediate 100% refund of your purchase price. And remember, this is a 2-week assurance. You’re free to return it next week, or the week after – 2 weeks from now. Just email me and I’ll process an immediate 100% refund.

Now, let me take this assurance one step further. Don’t feel like you must “use” my speed reading techniques in order to get a refund. If you find that you don’t have time, or lose interest or find another speed reading course that you like better, then I’ll happily refund your money. Will any other speed reading course or speed reading teacher give you THAT?


I must be crazy! That's what all my friends tell me ... so maybe I should increase my price. After all, what price can you place on being able to save so much time every day? That's right – it's priceless! And I'm charging only $29.95


So don't wait, because I'm already deciding if I should increase the price. Lock in the price now just in case I decide to increase it ... I would hate to receive your email and have to tell you that I've increased prices already, so don't let it happen to you!

YES, give me my copy of Supreme Speed Reading™ now!

I want to get it immediately before the price goes up anytime now!

I understand I’ll be getting my own copy of

Supreme Speed Reading

for $99.95 $29.95 $6.52 when I act now!

After this introductory period, the price of this book will be increased back to $99.95, so if I want to lock in this one-time offer, I must do so now!

There is nothing to lose!

This exclusive book gives me the knowledge to start reading faster!

On that basis, let me start now before it’s too late!



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